“Lisa Orrell is a HOT property.”

Entrepreneur Magazine: This was the opening sentence of a feature article in their annual “Leadership Issue”.

My Rise. My Fall. My Pivot.
My Passion. And You.

After receiving my degree in Advertising with a Minor in Marketing from San Jose State, I started my own Marketing Agency in Silicon Valley (at the ripe ‘ol age of 26) where I remained CEO for 20-years.

During that time, my career was riding high working with well-known global brands and growing my team. Plus, my agency won 75+ national & international awards and I was even voted one of the “Most Influential Branding Gurus in the World” several times by over 22,000 industry professionals.

Sounds awesome, right? You’d think I was livin’ the dream, right?

Well, here’s where things took a turn and why YOU may relate…I got burnt-out. Yep…I got burnt-out working at MY OWN company, and I felt depressed.

I started to dread going to work every day. I had lost my freedom. I had lost my passion. And I felt trapped. I wanted to fire myself to pursue my true purpose…and, although I was terrified, I was willing to leave the comfort of my Agency, and the security of that income, to go after my dream.

So, I started a side biz, also known as a “side hustle”, outside of MY OWN company! I realized my true passion and purpose was to educate, motivate, and inspire people, and the path I chose to do it was become a professional speaker.

But (and this is key!), what I didn’t know then is what I REALLY was doing, was becoming a Topic Expert – also referred to as: Knowledge Broker, Infopreneur, or Thought Leader. And NOW, for over a decade, I have made my living as one.

As such, I’m a global Keynote Speaker, Certified Leadership & Success Coach, and award-winning author of four books. And that side of my professional life is under my other company, TheOrrellGroup.com.

However, I’m also passionate about helping women like you achieve your dreams…whether it’s by helping you start a side hustle to generate some extra income, or whether it’s to create a full-time business.

So, based on my journey and experience, I would hope you can see why I’m qualified to help YOU monetize YOUR purpose, passion, or hobby as a Topic Expert!

But does it mean you have to write a book? NO. Does it mean you have to be a professional speaker? NO. Does it mean you have to become a Certified Coach? NO. Does it mean you need a special license, credential, certification, or diploma? NO.

There are infinite ways you can generate income as a Topic Expert full-time or part-time…and all you need is a computer and a phone. Plus (bonus!), you can do it from your home or from anywhere you want!

SO…are you finally ready to soar for more??? CLICK HERE for info about my exclusive, small group virtual workshops! And, NO BS, they are LIVE with me, NOT pre-recorded!